Graze yield in report

5 September 1997

Graze yield in report

MILK yield a cow from grazing will be included in the Axient (formerly Genus) Milkminder dairy costings report from October.

The new analysis is in addition to the existing yield from forage figure and reflects the fact that grazed grass is the cheapest feed for ruminants, says Axient regional consultant Derek Gardner.

"Grazed grass is by far the cheapest way to produce milk, costing £10-20/t of dry matter to produce. For the past decade dairy costings have concentrated on milk yield from forage. But why hang overheads on grass and kale by turning them into silage.

"You can often buy straight feeds cheaper than you can make and feed silage – it is yield from grazing that is important to cutting total costs," he recommends. &#42

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