Green waste could offer rich pickings

16 March 2001

Green waste could offer rich pickings

RECYCLING and composting of green material could offer new opportunities for farmers and contractors, believes machinery manufacturer Harry West.

"UK councils are seeking alternative ways of waste disposal rather than landfill sites," says Tony Soan, Wests sales and marketing manager. "The potential is growing as district councils aim to recycle up to 40% of household waste by 2006."

He adds that farmland and buildings provide good sites for composting green waste material.

West is promoting its imported range of Seko Green machinery for composting duties – the machines use twin augers equipped with blades to chop and pulverise material. Power requirement at the pto is put at 90hp and the machines are capable of handling timber with trunks up to 50cm (20in) in diameter and outputs of up to 17t/hour.

"The future could see farmers being paid for composting material which could then be spread back on their land," says Mr Soan. &#42

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