Hay drier boosts quality

7 March 1997

Hay drier boosts quality

FOR those who require top quality hay free of mycotoxins, the Italian-built Inventa Rotary Drier could have its attractions.

Seen at the Paris show, the drier is designed to reduce the moisture content of freshly cut and baled grass to about 12% to produce hay. Eight round bales at a time can be dried.

The drier comprises three platforms each measuring 8m long, 2m wide and about 30cm deep (26ft x 7ft x 12in) to create a reservoir for air supplied by a fan. The top platform has four, 60cm (2ft) diameter holes in its base, the middle one has holes passing through it and the bottom one holes on its top side.

Four bales are stacked on the lower level and four on the platform above, each bales centre is aligned with the holes in the platforms so air is actually pumped from the centre of the bales to the outside.

Once all is set, the 9hp electric fan is turned on. Air enters the system through the top platform but to ensure air is available for all the bales, large diameter pipes connect top, middle and lower platforms. &#42

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