Herbicide advance

12 November 1999

Herbicide advance

A pre-emergence herbicide promising 95% control of cleavers in potatoes is due soon.

Flufenacet-based UK775 from Bayer, to be previewed at next weeks BCPC conference in Brighton, is seen as particularly significant in the absence of other pre-emergence options to deal with the weeds staggered germination.

The product, which could be available in 2001, has shown no adverse effects in trials on 60 varieties, says the firm.

John Ward of Scott Abbott Arable Crops Station, Peterbor-ough was impressed with the vigour of treated crops and broad-leaved weed control from UK775 this year. "With conditions ideal for weed growth, it checked cleavers to such an extent that you would have to question the need to add a post-emergence treatment." &#42

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