Herbicide claim

19 November 1999

Herbicide claim

BETTER cleavers control than diflufenican is a key claim Cyanamid made for its new cereal herbicide, picolinafen at the British Crop Prot-ection Council Conference this week.

"It gives about a 15% boost to cleaver control over dff," said Rob King. "That means growers are less likely to need a spring follow-up treatment, and if they do a lower dose will be sufficient."

Formulations with pendimeth-alin, cyanazine, and ipu as a water-soluble granule are planned, but it will not be available as a straight. Tank mixes with Lexus (flupyrsulfuron-methyl) or Hawk (clodinafop-propargyl + trifluralin) should be possible to boost blackgrass control.

Application is post-emergence from GS 12-31. A high degree of crop safety and rapid activity is claimed, even in cold conditions. No following crop restrictions are anticipated. &#42

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