Heres bale-and-wrap all in a single machine

14 November 1997

Heres bale-and-wrap all in a single machine

BALING and wrapping in one operation – its been tried before with a baler and wrapper unit in tow, but never before has there been a purpose-built unit.

Krone believes it has created an industry first by introducing the Combi Pack – a one-piece machine which bales and wraps.

Based on the companys Round Pack 1250 baler, the Combi-Pack has a 1.95m (6ft 5in) wide pick-up, is equipped with a chopping unit and produces a 1.2m (4ft) diameter bale, either net or twine wrapped.

But that is as far as convention goes. Once the bale is made, the tractor stops and the bale is ejected using hydraulically operated arms to lift it onto the wrapping table – the table is tilted as the bale leaves the chamber to provide a positive positioning on the table.

Once on the table the tractor starts off again to make the next bale. Meanwhile, sensors activated by the arriving bale start the wrapping process. The bale is rotated by a bar-type conveyor while a rotating arm applies film.

When wrapped, the bale waits for the moment when the tractor has halted to deliver another bale, before being lowered onto the ground – an arrangement designed to reduce the possibility of film damage by being dropped on the move.n

Purpose-built round baler/wrapper from Knone is based on the Round Pack 1250 baler.

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