HGCA: UK grain markets weaken

  • UK delivered wheat prices were 50p-2.50 lower, with the largest drops in the April-June 2001 positions.

    On LIFFE, March wheat futures ended the week 50p stronger, while May and July were over 2 lower.

    New-crop prices were 70p-1 lower. In euro terms, May dropped by Euro5 to Euro110/t. Over the same period, MATIF May wheat rose Euro0.50 to Euro118.50/t.

  • Exports need health certificates

    EXPORTS of grain to some non-EU countries require animal health certificates. The nature of the certificates can vary according to requirements.

    Some countries, for example, require an assurance that grain has not been produced or stored in an area where certain notifiable livestock diseases, such as foot-and-mouth, have been confirmed.

    Animal health certificates are issued by MAFFs animal health division, which will consider the appropriateness of issuing a certificate on a case by case basis.

    Animal health certificates are separate from, and are not, phytosanitary certificates which certify grain free from certain pests and infestations. Foot-and-mouth has not affected the issuing of phytosanitary certificates.

  • End-December trade data released

    FULL data are now available at http://www.hgca.com following publication of December Intrastat results. End-December wheat exports reached 1.9 million tonnes, including 1.7m tonnes of exports to EU countries.

    These include 0.64m to Spain, 0.33m to Italy, 0.14m to Portugal, 0.16m to the Netherlands and 0.12m to Germany.

    Barley exports reached 0.8m tonnes, including 0.34m to EU countries.

  • Euro1 = 63.23p, 1 = Euro1.581 on 06 March

    Taken from HGCA weekly MI Bulletin
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