High EBVs earn extra £s

3 December 1999

High EBVs earn extra £s

SOUTH west dairy producers could collect up to £35 extra a calf by using high estimated breeding value bulls and marketing calves through a new scheme.

The Best Beef Scheme, launched by Southern Counties Fresh Foods, Express Milk and Quality Calves, promises to offer producers a premium price for calves sired by bulls in the top 5% of their breed on EBV.

"Producers will receive an initial payment of £5 a calf and a commitment bonus of £5-£10 a head for supplying calves regu-larly. Calves sired by high EBV sires will also be worth about an extra £8-20 a head," said managing director of Quality Calves, Peter Hambleton.

Procurement director for Southern Counties Fresh Foods, Richard Phelps, added that having access to higher quality calves would boost returns for finishers in its producer club. "We will be able to procure more cattle within Tesco specifications leading to better returns for finishers." &#42

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