High-tech beet system

2 November 2001

High-tech beet system

FOR use with the companys new 9000 series beet cleaner loader, CTM Harpley is developing an automated system for separating quality beet from sub-standard crop, together with stones and trash.

Called Intelligent Data Acquisition, the system comprises five gates and electronic sensor arms positioned along the width of the machines final web.

Beet strikes the sensors as it passes through the gates with the system measuring the resonance created. Working on the principle that stones, clods and damaged beet create a different vibration to healthy beet, the unwanted elements are defelected out onto the ground.

For the new 9000 cleaner loader itself, the manufacturer points out that ever higher capacity beet harvesters generate a market for high capacity cleaner loaders.

Promising workrates of up to 4t/min, the 9000 series is designed mainly for the haulage contractor who handles up to 20,000t of beet a year.

Based on the 500 series – but armed with six rather than four spiral cleaning rollers and a 50cm longer reception hopper – the 9000 model also employs a continental web pre-cleaner and a pick-off table. A discharge elevator offers vertical adjustment and a 210í slew.

Driven by a 50hp diesel engine and on-board hydraulic system, the machines can be specified with powered drive wheels to enable on-site manoeuvring. &#42

Throughputs of to 4t/min are claimed for CTM Harpleys 9000 series cleaner loaders.

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