High-tech monitoring of pig data

29 May 1998

High-tech monitoring of pig data

COLLECT pig production data and produce management records accurately and with ease using electronic ear-tags, a hand-held reader and PigData computer software, says supplier Oxley Systems.

This will enable pig producers to keep a daily diary on pigs through their reproduction cycle and trace pigs from birth to sale and slaughter, adds the company. It will tell you when sows are ready to serve, pregnancy test, farrow and due for weaning.

Producers will need Allflex re-useable electronic ear tags costing £3.50 each – with new backs at 15p each, an Anilog 2000 hand-held tag reader and data logger costing £595, and the Windows based PigData software costing £195. They will also need a suitable computer (01229-582621, fax 01229-483263).

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