Horsch DD press puts a deeper squeeze on soil

12 July 2002

Horsch DD press puts a deeper squeeze on soil

German machinery

manufacturer Horsch has

always prided itself on

being at the forefront of

technical developments.

Norman Dunn reports on

the latest batch of new

products from the company

HORSCH ideas for cutting grain production costs through use of larger capacity cultivation equipment and new designs for optimising seed-beds at relatively high speeds, include a new double-disc press and Tiger heavy cultivator.

The Optipack DD (double disc) press relies on a Simba-style follower packer with a row of robust 700 mm diameter spring-steel discs welded in pairs.

Horsch says this offers a deeper reconsolidation action down to 30cm (12in). Heavy clods can also be broken-up due to the discs weighing in at 650kg for every metre. The field surface is left corrugated to allow it to dry out more quickly.

The new Optipack DD can be used stand-alone or in combination with cultivators and comes in working widths of 6.6m or an 8.2m version which folds hydraulically to the usual 3m road width. &#42

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