Huge variation in yield

30 August 2001

Huge variation in yield

“HARVEST has been no better or worse than expected, but I have been surprised by the variation in yield,” comments Neil Wilson, manager for HR Bourn and sons at Wragby in Lincolnshire.

They have 320ha (800 acres) out of 1000ha (2500 acres) of winter wheat still to combine and 80ha (200 acres) of spring barley to combine which is only just fit. With two combines working and a good forecast he hopes to finish in six days.

Wheat yields have been very variable, ranging from 5-11t/ha (2-4.5t/acre). “This is all down to the difficulty in autumn drilling. But there is also some unexplained yields, where the same crops with same treatment next to each other vary by up to 0.75t/acre.”

First wheat Consort has averaged 9.1t/ha (3.7t/acre) and second wheat consort 8t/ha (3.25t/acre). “These are below average, but we still have our best first wheat to come, so this should bring up the average. Overall itll be 0.3t/acre (0.74t/ha) down from average.”

All the Malacca quality wheat has been combined. These second and third wheat crops yielded below average at 6.2t/ha (2.5/acre). He expects 8t/ha (3.25t/acre). “These were put in badly so its no worse than expected.”

He is pleased with the quality, having safeguarded the Hagberg in low 200s. The protein is over 13% with acceptable specific weight of 75Kg/hl.

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