Humidifier may help livestock stay cool

19 December 1997

Humidifier may help livestock stay cool

OVERHEATED animals kept in confined spaces do not perform very well – in fact, in extreme cases, they die.

The answer could lie in the use of a new humidification system marketed by JD UltraSonics.

Mains water and high pressure air are used to produce tiny droplets and create a high humidity environment. These droplets then evaporate, drawing heat out of the air to reduce in-house temperature by as much as 6-7C during the hottest summer periods.

Key to the system is the units atomiser, which creates droplets that have a low mass and a low forward velocity – a combination claimed to enable the water to be distributed evenly with little over-spray and waste.

Used in conjunction with a timer or control system, the rate of water evaporation can be controlled to maintain a cool environment for the stock.

The standard nozzle delivers up to 17 litres of water an hour and is suitable for the humidification of a house of 100cu m. The atomiser costs £300 and is available in a number of sizes each fitted with a non-drip water valve. &#42

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