Hunt manager flees saboteurs

4 September 2000

Hunt manager flees saboteurs

By FWi staff

A HUNT manager, his pregnant wife and 15-month-old child had to flee their home when it came under attack from animal rights activists, reports the Daily Mail.

Mark Byford and his family evacuated the kennels where they live at Felbridge, near East Grinstead, West Sussex, after police warned a gang was approaching.

One worker was hit by brick and a policeman sprayed with CS gas when 30 saboteurs went on the rampage on Saturday (02 Sept) evening, says the Mail.

But the Hunt Saboteurs Association claims its members were attacked by staff with pickaxe handles at the Surrey and Burstow Fox Hound Kennels.

A saboteur suffered a broken pelvis and ribs when he was in collision with a vehicle at a protest near Crawley, West Sussex, on Friday (01 Sept).

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