Hunting not just for elite

5 April 2000

Hunting ‘not just for elite’

HUNTING is not pursued solely by royalty, landed gentry, wealthy farmers and the odd City businessman, reports the Daily Mail.

The newspaper devotes its centre pages to profiles of six people whose professions are at odds with the upper-class image of foxhunting.

The Mailinterviews a plumber, a cleaner, a window-cleaner, a postwoman, a builder and a lollipop lady who all go out fox hunting.

Meanwhile, Frances populist shooting and hunting lobby failed to prevent the introduction of new law imposing strong restrictions of their activities, reports the Financial Times.

The open season on migratory birds has been cut to bring France in line with Brussels directives.

  • Daily Mail 05/04/2000 page24-25
  • Financial Times 05/04/2000 page 9

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