Hydraulic checker needs no battery

2 August 2002

Hydraulic checker needs no battery

WEBTECProducts has introduced a device for testing hydraulic systems with flow rates up to 180 litres/min.

Available in 5-120 litres/min and 8-180 litres/min sizes, the RFIKunits are rated up to 420bar and can measure temperatures up to 80C.

The tester requires no batteries and can reverse oil flow, making it suitable for testing valves, cylinders and pumps.

Housed in a rugged steel box, the device comes with 3/4in BSPFmale adaptors and a loading valve with internal safety discs.

The discs, says Webster, allow smooth, progressive loading of a hydraulic system and protect the environment from oil spillage.

Prices start at £649 (01480-397400 www. webtec.co.uk).

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