Hygiene station goes where its needed

31 January 1997

Hygiene station goes where its needed

HOT water and soap, anywhere you can tow a trailer to, are now on offer from Cotswold Autoflo.

The Worcs-based firm says its handwash hygiene station is particularly suitable for fruit and vegetable growers, who need their pickers to have clean hands when handling their high value crops.

Built on a twin-axle trailer, the unit has two 500-litre (110gal) stainless steel tanks in its base, one for clean water and one for waste. Heater power comes from a 15KVA generator.

The handwash units are custom designed, with the four-sink model (pictured above) priced at about £10,000, depending on specification.

Smaller, lower cost systems are also available (01386-853284).

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