25 September 1998


uPIG prices, particularly for weaners, could recover by the end of the year. PICs John Goss said widespread reduction in sow numbers in several EU countries could balance supply with demand, lifting prices. "But finished prices may not improve until next April."

uKEEPING pigs in the same group through grower and finisher stages can improve growth rates by up to 140g a day, said independent consultant Mick Evans. Research from the University of Illinois, US, showed that unmixed pigs achieve growth rates of 866g a day while pigs mixed for up to two weeks with others achieve just 720g a day.

uBRITISH pig producers need to develop a distinctive brand mark for meat. That will help consumers identify the difference between UK products reared from welfare-friendly systems and imported products, said Tescos agricultural manager for red meat, Chris Challinor. &#42

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