30 March 2001


&#8226 RAPID germination and a stronger root system for cereals, peas, beans and oilseed rape will result from using ProStart-Min Till PLUS, claims manufacturer Stoller. The starter fertiliser is placed 3-5cm below the seed, usually with a minimum tillage drill. It contains stabilised amine nitrogen, calcium, boron, zinc, manganese, copper and iron, and an 80litre/ha rate delivers 8kg/ha of nitrogen.

&#8226 NEW cash from the governments Vocational Training Scheme has slashed the cost of training for and gaining a full BASIS crop protection certificate and the FACTS fertiliser qualification by up to 75%.

&#8226 YIELD increases of up to 18% in onions and an average 14% in cauliflowers are claimed by Cambs-based Loveland Industries for its crop nutrition product Awaken. The formulation of trace elements contains no wetter, unlike Yield Plus and Route, to simplify tank-mixes. Application should be shortly after transplanting which boosts root and shoot growth, apparently through enhanced photosynthesis. A 2.5 litre/ha application costs about £25/ha (£10/acre). &#42

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