In-line wrapper with versatility

11 December 1998

In-line wrapper with versatility

Last weeks Smithfield Show overflowed with new

machinery. Andy Collings, Peter Hill and Ian Marshall

continue their report from the UKs premier indoor

agricultural event

IN-LINE round bale wrapping as a means of eliminating one man and a tractor from the baling and wrapping operation is becoming more popular – at least among manufacturers, it seems.

Latest development from Krone in this department is the Elho 1820 Inliner which is designed to be attached to all popular makes of round baler producing 1.2m and 1.4m (4ft/4.6ft) diameter bales.

Twine or net wrapped bales are ejected from the chamber onto the lowered cradle at the front of the wrapping unit and then transferred on to the wrapping table. The bale is then wrapped with film delivered from two rotating arms before being ejected onto the ground via a cushioning mat. Meanwhile, the balers door has shut and the unit sets off to make the next bale while the first is being wrapped.

Overall operation of the wrapping system – from baler to wrapped bale – is controlled by a microprocessor, magnet sensors and proportional valves. It is instigated when the operator presses an autostart button on the control panel in the cab.

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