Income tax drops, too

12 March 1999

Income tax drops, too

As was widely predicted, the Chancellor announced a lower income tax rate of 10%, fulfilling Labours manifesto commitment. It will apply to the first £1500 of income from Apr 6, 1999. However, the existing 20% band on the first £4300 will disappear.

The personal allowance will increase to £4335. Married couples allowance will rise in line with inflation to £1970 at 10% in 1999-2000. It will be replaced with a childrens tax credit from April 2001, worth on average about £416 a year.

The basic rate of income tax will be cut by 1% to 22% from April 2000.

Tax relief on mortgage interest remains unchanged at 10% on loans up to £30,000 for 1999/2000 but is abolished from April 2000.

The earnings threshold for national insurance will increase to £76 a week from April 2000, the first step in the Chancellors programme of aligning the NIC threshold with the single persons tax allowance.

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