Independence Party unveils manfesto

14 May 2001

Independence Party unveils manfesto

By FWi staff

THE UK Independence Party, which has launched its election manifesto, has warned that farming will prosper only if the UK leaves the European Union.

The document says that the crisis in agriculture is largely due to the inherent failures of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

“The CAP even limits our own governments ability to provide financial relief to farmers who are currently suffering such severe distress.”

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has held three seats in the European Parliament since June 1999, making it the UKs fourth-largest party in Europe.

Despite repeated promises, successive governments have effectively failed to reform the CAP, which serves other EU nations, says its manifesto.

“When Britain leaves the EU, we shall at last be free from the CAP and able to choose our own policies,” the document adds.

UKIP Candidates such as Roger Knapman, a former Tory Whip standing for North Devon, want farming to be a vibrant and diverse part of the economy.

“The countryside is in crisis, entirely because of the governments ineptitude and ridiculous EU regulations,” said Mr Knapman recently.

The UKIP manifesto says the European Union is undemocratic because laws are passed by politicians for wh
om no one in Britain has voted.

“Questions about our open attitude to imports are naturally being raised as a result of the devastating outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease.

“But, again, the proper implementation of appropriate measures will only be possible once Britain is free from the EU.”

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