Integrated farming well understood by French

9 March 2001

Integrated farming well understood by French

INTEGRATEDfarming is genearally understood and widely practised in France, according to a survey commissioned by producer organisation FARRE.

Results from 330 French farmers contacted over Christmas and the New Year showed 91% knew what lagriculture raisonee stood for, and almost half claimed to use it on all their agricultural activities. Another 45% claimed to use it on part of their holdings.

About 53% associated integrated farming with reduced chemical use, while 41% said it was a form of precision farming and 27% said it meant protecting the environment. There was strong support for developing the concept further, with 78% believing there should be preferential treatment for those taking it up.

lA separate survey of the French public revealed that 32% were familiar with integrated farming, while 45% had no idea what it was. Once explained to them, almost 75% thought it was a good idea and should be supported more than traditional forms of farming. &#42

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