Into Cornish wheat

16 August 2001

Into Cornish wheat

MATTHEW DALE, who farms with his brother Paul at Falmouth in Cornwall is one of the first in the area to have started wheat.

They have combined 8ha (20 acres) of Claire, yielding 9.2t/ha (3.75t/acre). “Im well pleased, because it has had a tough growing season.

“Anything over 3.5t/acre (8.6t/ha) is good.” The crop was combined between 17-18% moisture. There is only another 9ha (23 acres) fit at the moment.

Winter barley was finished 10 days ago, Pearl yielding 6.2t/ha (2.5t/acre).

There is Optic spring barley drilled in April, which should be fit in 10 days and 40ha (100 acres) of spring beans, which he says looks good. He also has high hopes for Spring wheat Paragon. Overall he is pleased with the progress so far.

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