Its in the leg-work

19 June 1998

Its in the leg-work

TRACTORS are getting bigger and so are implements.

Simba International is evaluating the Cultiplow from Mat Agrisem of France, which is designed to create soil-heave without bringing lower layers of unworked soil to the surface.

This effect is said to come from the design of the leg – a tapered, 20mm wide leading edge cuts through the ground like a knife, enabling the inclined profile and flat share to produce a vertical lifting, rather than lateral action.

Underbeam clearance is 100cm (3.3ft), the legs, which are fitted with automatic spring breakback, are spaced at 60cm (1.10ft) and the Cultiplow works at depths between 15 and 45cm. &#42

Shape of the leg on the Cultiplow creates a vertical soil-heave which does not bring unworked soil to the surface. Price of the six-leg, 4.5m wide model being evaluated by Simba is £17,346.

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