24 July 2002


Model 2135 Quadtronic.

Score lmmmm

Mouse clicks to spec sheet 7.

Time to spec sheet 1min 45secs for engine info only.

Local dealer listing Yes.

Clicks to find local dealer 3.

Option info No.

Warranty info Not obvious.

Novel feature Local dealer contact backed by location map.

Power Farming view Quick start, soon bogs down. Have to negotiate multiple slow-loading pages (including pop-up advert for JCB concert) to reach Fastrac area, though browser cookie will speed up repeat visits. Initially, seven clicks produces only engine info. To get more, visitor must submit form requiring personal information. First form leads to second form, then presumably to printed brochure in due course. Despite good navigation links, site is slow and just doesnt deliver the facts.

JCBs farm equipment shares site with construction and industrial sectors. Section takes a while to reach, doesnt come up with much.

No excuse for getting lost… Dealer contact info includes map.

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