JD joins sprayer market with Dutch model range

11 December 1998

JD joins sprayer market with Dutch model range

By Ian Marshall

JOHN Deere has entered the sprayer market with models obtained through its acquisition, in 1997, of Dutch manufacturer Douven.

Both tractor mounted and trailed models are available.

Mounted machines comprise the 408, 410 and 412. Capacities are 800, 1000 and 1200 litres, pump output is 230 litres/min and there is a choice of 20, 21 and 24m booms.

Trailed models, the 624, 632 and 638, have 2400, 3200 and 3800 litre tanks, with pressure supplied by a 280 litre/min pump, other than on the 638 which has twin 230 litre/min units. All are offered with 18, 21, 24 and 28m booms, with 32m and 36m units also available for the two larger models.

Booms incorporate an automatic levelling system and can be set parallel to the slope when working on steep land. On the two top models, booms return to the neutral position at the push of a button.

Standard specification across the range includes a basic electronic control panel, while an optional electro-hydraulic unit also con-trols all boom hydraulic functions.

A computer aided spray system, CAS-2, can be linked to either control panel. This enables the required application rate for up to four types of nozzles to be pre-set; by pressing the appropriate colour coded nozzle key, the relevant rate is applied automatically and maintained.

Top of the range 632 and 638 trailed models with booms up to 36m are also available with Twin Fluid low volume nozzles, which, in conjunction with compressed air, atomise the liquid to enable fine droplet application at lower volumes of 80-150 litres/ha.

Droplet size can be adjusted from the tractor cab, without having to change the application rate. Alternatively, application rate can be altered – without affecting droplet size – by changing the nozzle flow rate, on the move. &#42

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