Keep a sense of humour in the prairies…

20 November 1998

Keep a sense of humour in the prairies…

EXTRA sensory perception and go-fer abilities," and "loves working without help but loves helping others," are just two of a long list of qualifications required by a farmers wife, according to an advertisement for an Alberta Farm Womens Conference sent to Farmlife by Nigel and Jenny Edwards, Box 29, Bonanza, TOH OKO, Alberta, Canada.

"Despite the world recession in agriculture, one still has to try to have a sense of humour," say Nigel and Jenny who also enclosed a photograph of an expanse of swathed oilseed rape leading to a strip of meadow brome grown for seed – to show that their home area, 400 miles north of Edmonton, 700 miles north of Vancouver in the Peace County of Alberta is not covered with snow all year round.

Their reason for writing was to say that they would love to hear from anybody thinking of moving to the north-west prairies of Canada to farm. "It truly will be an experience that we will never forget," they say, adding that the price of land is up to £156/acre at $2.40/£.

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