Keep em clean

12 December 1997

Keep em clean

HOUSING sheep, moving feed troughs regularly and ensuring run-back areas remain clean will help minimise poaching concerns.

According to Norfolk-based Signet consultant James Garner, this weeks wet, mild weather will aggravate poaching damage, and increase risk of dirty lambs being rejected at abattoirs.

"For producers intending to lamb ewes inside, it may be worth considering taking them in earlier than planned."

He advises that feed troughs are moved regularly to avoid severely damaging any one area.

"In this weather lambs on roots at increasingly likely to become wet and dirty, which may cause concern at abattoirs. Run-back areas of either grass or clean straw along headlands are essential."

He suggests that if lambs are wet and mucky they should be housed before sale, although he acknowledges that this is not an ideal solution.

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