Keep silage fresh

11 April 1997

Keep silage fresh

UNUSED silage stocks will provide a valuable source of forage next winter if sheeted properly.

Aberystwyth-based ADAS consultant Philip Haigh says producers should not be concerned about leaving last years first or second-cut silage if it was well fermented. It will keep its quality and add to next winters forage stocks.

"The key is to make the clamp airtight again and this is easier if the face is neatened up. Use a block cutter to trim the clamp face back a few inches," says Mr Haigh.

Sulphite or benzoate-based additives can be applied to the clamp face to limit aerobic spoilage. But he warns that where high levels of aerobic spoilage have occurred during winter, silage quality would probably fall during summer. &#42

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