Kuhn unveils its rake

26 April 2002

Kuhn unveils its rake

A FOUR rotor hydraulically driven rake with an adjustable gathering width of 13.5-14.7m has been unveiled by Kuhn.

Operated by an in-cab control box, the GA 15021 delivers a central swath that can be varied in width between 1.5m and 2.4m.

The use of hydraulic drive, says Kuhn, makes the machine more flexible and reliable by reducing the number of wearing parts.

Each rotor has 13 tine arms and is designed to achieve accurate ground following, using a three dimensional suspension system. This system enables the rotor to tilt backwards and forwards and from side to side in response to different ground contours.

A feature of the GA 15021 is its generous ground clearance which can be increased using the carrying frames lifting system.

In transport, the machine folds to 3m and a hydro-pneumatic suspension system is claimed to reduce the risk of damage to the frame when out of work. Price of the GA 15021 is £41,960. &#42

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