Lepto jabs vital

7 March 1997

Lepto jabs vital

Lepto jabs vital

LEPTOSPIROSIS vaccination must be continued to avoid cattle abortion outbreaks, says Wilts-based vet Andrew Norton.

Leptospirosis abortions are more commonly seen in spring so he suggests herds give booster vaccinations around turnout.

"Producers who stop vaccinating usually regret it in two or three years when they get an abortion outbreak," says Mr Norton. "Then they have to do the double course vaccination again."


Over-wintering worm larvae could be a threat to early lambs as well as other stock with the return to wet and milder conditions.

Again emphasis has to be on those treatments that will prevent contamination of pastures in early spring which will build up infection for this seasons lambs. Stock that have been housed should be turned out as parasitic-free as possible (worms, fluke and coccidia) and treatment of those outwintered must also be considered. Where drug resistance is suspected this should be checked and the correct advice followed.

The wet, windy and mild conditions may also increase risk of coccidosis in early lambs, especially where grass growth is poor. Where lambing is yet to start, treatment of adult stock should be considered.

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