Lick-and-mat system debut

9 August 2002

Lick-and-mat system debut

A NEW hoof treatment system for sheep has been launched following trials at Aberystwyth University College, Wales.

Selection Nutrition, based at Cwmddu in Powys, said trial results show that using a combination of a mineral lick and anti-bacterial hoof cleaning solution reduces the number of lambs needing treatment from 22.4% to 3.8% of the total.

"The lick provides a good level of zinc and other supplements that are vital for hoof growth, plus a balance of all essential minerals and trace elements," said the companys John Parker.

To eat the supplement, sheep must stand on mats filled with a disinfectant solution containing zinc, organic salts and surfactants which help it adhere to hooves. "The treatment is particularly effective for lambs which are growing quickly when conditions are ideal for the bacteria causing foot-rot. But the set up is portable and can also be used when sheep are housed." It has the added potential of improving liveweight gains, he added.

Marketed as TendaHoof, the system consists of the lick and container costing £11.50 and a £250 mat. The solution comes in 25 litre containers, which cost £95 and are large enough to refill the mat 10 times (01970-821910). &#42

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