Limtest work shows 2kg+ daily gains

7 September 2001

Limtest work shows 2kg+ daily gains

SEVERAL Limousin bulls achieved weight gains of over 2kg a day in the latest results from the Limtest evaluation project.

The four-month tests at Richard Bradleys farm near Leyburn, North Yorks, aims to measure individual feed intake of bulls and their ability to convert feed into liveweight gain.

Limtest, run by the British Limousin Cattle Society, has used a moist feed, Grainbeet, comprising five parts brewers grains to one part sugar beet pulp for its fifth test.

Test results, for the 20 bulls on this diet, saw an average feed intake of about 30kg a head a day. Average daily liveweight gain was 1.78kg a day with an adjusted feed conversion ratio of 5.19:1.

Reducing costs

Test six involved 17 bulls fed a high quality, cost-effective beef finisher nut plus 20% flaked maize, giving a 14.1% protein and 11.7ME ration, with the aim of reducing the feed costs. Results show a daily gain of 1.8kg with an adjusted feed conversion rate of 4.88:1.

The Top bull on test five was Middledale Pickering, Beef Value 13, by Newhouse Nox, from Yorks breeder Paul Byas. He achieved a gain of 2.11kg a day from a start weight of 419kg, to end test weighing 676kg.

On test six the top bull was Scorboro Regius, Beef Value 46, by Scorboro Olympian, from Yorks breeders J C G Bloom and Son. He achieved a daily gain of 2.24kg from a start weight of 445kg and ended the test at 714kg. &#42

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