Liner promises end fustration punctures bring

17 August 2001

Liner promises end fustration punctures bring

BRASSED off with the expense and downtime of having to constantly repair punctures during hedge cutting?

This irritation could be a thing of the past thanks to a new tyre liner – the Nailguard – which is now available from Poole-based Moplant.

Designed to fit all makes and sizes of agricultural tyres, the Nailguard comprises a rubber interlay reinforced with tyre cord made of Kevlar.

The tyre cord is fitted between the inside circumference of the tyre and the tube.

Moplant claims the liner has reduced punctures in off-road vehicles by as much as 90%, and is effective at preventing sharp objects such as nails or thorns from piercing the inner tube.

Nails forced into the tyre are either eventually thrown out or bent over and laid flat on the tyre, says Moplant.

The company also believes the liner provides a cushioning effect against bumps and jolts when travelling over rough ground.

Price for the Nailguard to be fitted to three average size tractor tyres – two fronts and one rear nearside – is £374.

This compares with a puncture repair cost of £1500 for a hedge-cutting contractor over a typical year, says the company. &#42

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