Lynx updates front linkage presses…

19 August 1997

Lynx updates front linkage presses…

LYNX Engineering used the Cultivations 97 event to show its latest generation of front linkage mounted presses, now called the Samurai range.

All hydraulic folding models are now equipped with check valves on the hydraulic rams, which means wing sections are automatically locked when fully raised and fully lowered.

In addition, the headstock assembly on which the press floats, also features self-centering cups into which the press locates when raised. It is a design said to prevent the press from floating on the headstock during headland turns. Lowering the machine into work releases the press from the cups.

Price of the 3m (10ft) Samurai L3045TF is £5170.n

Lynx Engineerings front press range is now badged Samurai. Front linkages are to be renamed Front Line models.

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