Manual interprets UKorganic rules

8 June 2001


No flies on this indoor green trap…

TROUBLE with houseflies in livestock buildings? ExoSect have launched a pesticide-free fly trap to keep populations at low levels.

The ExoFly attracts flies with pheromone and visual lures them into a retaining system which holds 6-7000 insects, says the company. Flies land on vanes coated with electrostatically charged powder and fall down ducts into a box of dry, inert powder where they drown.

The product is suitable for indoor environments, meets most organic farming criteria and gives users an alternative to spraying pesticides. Traps cost £13.50-14 each, depending on volume ordered (023-80763838, fax 023-80763828).

Free dairy visits from hygiene reps

SPECIALLY trained ProMilk representatives will visit any dairy farm to provide free advice on all aspects of hygiene, says parlour supplier Westfalia Surge.

Specialists can advise on the milking machine, bulk tank cleaning, udder health and milking hygiene. They will also check milking machine functions and analyse water quality.

The ProMilk Service claims to provide technology, products and services dedicated to dairy hygiene, straight to the farm. ProMilk vans are equipped with dairy chemicals, spares and sundries to suit any type of milking parlour, adds the company (01908-589600, fax 01908-589650).

Analysis pack widens grass potential

ARE you realising the potential of your grazing? Kingshay Farming Trust have launched a fresh grass analysis pack which contains everything needed to take and despatch four samples.

Comprehensive analyses are returned within 24 hours, meaning grass can be sampled from paddocks next in line to be grazed or prior to cutting for silage, explains Kingshay. Practical notes and comments are provided to explain results in terms of grazing/ensiling and potential milk production from dairy cows. A comparison of each analysis to target levels is also provided.

Each pack costs £58 for Kingshay members and £65 for non-members (01460-72977, 01460-76233).

Manual interprets UKorganic rules

MAKE sense of organic regulations with a manual launched by Organic Farmers and Growers.

The 300-page loose leaf document interprets 10 years worth of UK Register of Organic Food Suppliers standards and will help would-be organic producers plan conversion to organic status. The basic requirements for other quality control initiatives, such as FABBL, are also included.

It is the first time that all organic standards have appeared in one document, says the organisation. It costs £40 and when policy changes occur, update pages will be sent free (01743-462762, fax 01743-461441).

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