MEPs demand foot-and-mouth probe

7 September 2001

MEPs demand foot-and-mouth probe

By FWi staff

THE European Parliament has demanded an investigation into why the foot-and-mouth epidemic has gone on for so long and what are the cost implications.

MEPs in Strasbourg voted in favour of a resolution calling for the European Commission and Council to explain the continuation of the British outbreak.

Parliament agreed it was also anxious to know what measures are planned to control the spread of the disease in the future.

MEPs also demanded a progress report with regard to the possibility of using new, more effective vaccines and the budgetary cost of any new developments.

Earlier, Conservative MEP Robert Sturdy said an inquiry should cover meat imports, alternative methods of control and compensation for farmers.

The re-emergence of the disease in Northumberland and cooler weather increased the risk of foot-and-mouth crossing to mainland Europe again, he said.

“The EU must ensure it takes the most effective preventative action and the best way to determine what this should be is a full-scale inquiry.


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