Militants demand milk price rise

7 July 2000

Militants demand milk price rise

By FWi staff

FARMERS For Action this week asked milk purchasers to raise the price they pay producers – or face blockades of milk processing plants across the country.

They want an extra 3ppl with effect from 01 July, 2000.

The letter sent to purchasers points out that many dairy farmers have been driven to total despair, many forced out of business – some without a roof over their heads – and the position can no longer be tolerated.

“We in FFA have been very patient trying to discuss with processors a way of increasing the price paid to dairy farmers and we now feel we have to take action to drive the price up to at least cover the cost of production which is 22ppl.

“The proposed 3p increase is a first step towards that,” said a spokesman.

“The best thing individual producers can now do is get on the phone to their selling groups and get them behind the FFA campaign,” he added.

Jim Begg, director general of the Dairy Industry Federation, said “The dairy companies negotiate their own arrangements with their suppliers, and those negotiations will reflect market circumstances for milk and milk products.

“Nobody can just produce an amount of money out of a hat if the market doesnt justify it.

“Any disruption to dairy premises can only make a very difficult situation worse for farmers because it will deprive consumers of British products.”

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