Milk conditioner gives added value

28 November 1997

Milk conditioner gives added value

CALVES fed on whole milk can benefit from the milk powder ingredient Gardion which promotes good health, and is now available as a supplement, says developer Volac.

It says that calves reared on milk powder containing the natural gut conditioner Gardion perform better than those on other skim-based milks. It is said to help suppress undesirable micro-organisms while encouraging beneficial lactic acid bacteria for optimum feed use. The company says the product contains a garlic extract, specific lactic acid bacteria, natural plant fibres and concentrated milk protein.

It can either be added to whole milk at a rate of 5g to each two litres, or used in concentrated form in high stress situations at 200g in two litres of warm water.

The product costs about 5p to add in a standard feed, and is supplied in 1kg tubs (0800-919808, fax 01223-207629).

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