Mince labelling ‘misleading’

 A FOOD STANDARDS Agency survey has found that shoppers are often being misled by minced meat labels claiming that the product contains less fat than it actually does.
In the case of products claiming to be ‘extra‘ or ‘super‘ lean, some in fact contained as much if not more than ‘lean‘ mince.

The survey compared the fat content of ‘standard‘ minced meat with mince claiming to be ‘lean‘ or ‘extra/super lean‘. It also checked whether the fat content on the nutrition labels was accurate.

Of the 308 samples giving nutrition information on the label 55 contained more fat than the label claimed.

David Statham, director of enforcement and food standards at the FSA, said: “Consumers expect products described as ‘extra‘ or ‘super‘ lean to contain less fat than ‘lean‘ mince.

“Indeed people often pay a premium price for such products, and yet this survey highlights the fact that some of the products described as ‘extra‘ or ‘super‘ lean actually contain as much fat, if not more, than ‘lean‘ mince.”

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