Ministry accused of pig profiteering

8 September 2000

Ministry accused of pig profiteering

By FWi staff

PIG farmers defeated by the ministry of agriculture in their court battle over BSE costs this summer have accused the ministry of profiteering from the case.

This accusation comes at a time when hundreds of pig farmers face due to the effects of the outbreak of classical swine fever in East Anglia.

MAFF has asked the British Pig Industry Support Group to pay 55,800 to cover the costs it accrued in the Judicial Review, which took place in the High Court in June.

The farmers are furious that nearly half of this is for the work of its in-house solicitor, a salaried employee.

The ministry admitted it was charging its in-house lawyer out at a ‘standard rate’ that is higher than a rate based on his salary would be.

But a spokeswoman denied profiteering charges.

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