Mixed wheat yield

5 September 2001

Mixed wheat yield

E-MAILING the HARVEST HOTLINE, Phillip Maw, who farms at Roxby Hall Farms in North Lincolnshire is reporting mixed yields on wheat. He has also just started spring beans.

He has combined 5ha (12 acres) of Quattro spring beans for human consumption. “They have yielded reasonably well at 1.6t/acre. Last year was our first year growing them and they yielded 2.25t/acre, and although I had budgeted at 1.75t/acre, they were drilled in April so its not too bad.”

Wheat yields have been mixed depending on soil type and variety. Xi19 grown for seed has performed well on light limestone soil. “At low seed rate it has yielded 4.1t/acre, and specific weight 80Kg/hl. This is up to average for first wheat and not bad considering the conditions.”

September drilled Claire has also performed well, yields ranging from 9.3-10.5t/ha (3.75-4.25t/acre).

Wheat yields on heavy clay land have been below average. “They have yielded between 2.5-3.25t/acre on heavy land, which is below average. Wheat has been a mixed bag, but overall it will yield below average.”

In his favour, weather conditions have been kind, which has reduced the drying costs. “Its been one of the easiest harvests in terms of drying.”

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