Modular flooring claimed to be kind

3 January 1997

Modular flooring claimed to be kind

ACHIEVE maximum comfort and hygiene in farrowing pens and piglet nurseries by using a modular flooring system, says UK supplier Newsham Hybrid Pigs.

The Ultraflex polypropylene or cast iron slats that snap-together are said to have a non-slip, hollowed-and-ribbed surface that is kind to pigs feet and allows manure to pass through easily. The surface is also easy to keep clean and has low maintenance costs, adds Newsham.

The slats are 20cm by 40cm (8in x 16in) or 60cm by 40cm (24in x 16in) and they can be locked together in any combination to suit almost any pen, it says. A compatible 60cm by 40cm (24in x 16in) heat pad is also available.

It is designed to be supported on flat steel/fibre glass profiles or concrete beams to provide a finished level and stable floor.

Prices start from £2.92 for the small polypropylene modules or £14.56 for cast iron modules. Heat pads cost £22 each (01653-697977).

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