Monitor to fight brome

2 February 2001

Monitor to fight brome

LAST weeks approval of MON37500 (sulfosulfuron), now known as Monitor, could be just in time to help growers get to grips with brome and cleavers this spring, says UAP technical director Chris Bean.

"It could be a very significant benefit. We have had 95% control of cleavers from a single treatment and 98% from a split treatment."

Similar levels of control are achieved on brome species, and it is useful on resistant ryegrass.

However, as a sulfonyl urea, use of the Monsanto product will depend on plans to use other sulfonyl ureas such as Eagle (amidosulfuron), Lexus (flupyrsulfuron-methyl) or Ally (metsulfuron-methyl), he says.

Enough product is available to treat 20-30,000ha, says product manager Jonathan Tann of Monsanto. One-hit sprays can be effective, but for barren brome an early and late split works better, he notes. Price is likely to be £30-35/ha.

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