Monsanto powers ahead with GM crops

17 September 1997

Monsanto powers ahead with GM crops

MONSANTO has been developing a range of new crops genetically engineered to resist glyphosate. It is now experimenting with new rice, maize, potato,
sugarbeet, rape and cotton varieties.

Many farmers have signed away their future rights to the seed they grow and will allow Monsanto to inspect their fields whenever it wants.

Monsanto has embarked on one of the most extraordinary and ambitious
corporate strategies ever launched, writes The Guardian.

It is to split into two firms to pursue “applied chemistry” and “life sciences”. It has engaged an advertising agency for a major new “consultative”
campaign aimed at the public as well as the City.

Its patent on Roundup, the worlds biggest selling herbicide, runs out in 2000.

  • The Guardian 17/09/97 page 17

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