Monsanto to boost image of biotech

16 September 1997

Monsanto to boost image of biotech

US life sciences group Monsanto – the company responsible for creating the genetically-engineered soya-bean – is targeting Europe for a publicity campaign to improve the controversial image of biotechnology.

The company aims to lift its image, and that of biotech, by running advertising campaigns in the UK, France and Germany. In the UK, Monsanto is embarking on a four-month project with Bartle Bogle Hegarty, the advertising agency, to find out how consumers perceive biotech.

Monsanto will work with other biotech companies, including Swiss group Novartis, which developed genetically-modified maize, and Agrevo of Germany, as well as food manufacturers, to improve the profile of genetic engineering across Europe.

Monsanto said yesterday it should have begun to address consumer concerns two years ago before the soya-beans arrived on the European market. But environmental group Greenpeace dismissed Monsantos moves, saying the company would be better off looking at changing its behaviour than trying to force-feed genetically-modified soya to people who dont want it.

  • Financial Times, page 10, 16/09/97

Cox Campaign urges help for stricken growers

THE Cox Campaign claimed many English apple growers face bankruptcy. It
follows the worst season for many decades. The usual crop of 85,000 tonnes has
been halved because of adverse weather.

It urged consumers to buy English Coxes – otherwise they would become
increasingly difficult to obtain in the future. It also called for Government

  • The Times 16/09/97 page 7
  • The Daily Telegraph 16/09/97 page 10

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