More candidates in diet feeder ranks

29 September 2000

More candidates in diet feeder ranks

WITH home-grown foods continuing to be an attractive economical option for stock farmers, it is no surprise that the Dairy Event displayed a significant number of diet feeders.

A newcomer to this seemingly ever expanding, multi-national industry was to be discovered on Terrington Machinerys site.

The US sourced NDE diet feeder boasts the ability to handle wet, dry or frozen straw, hay and silage bales and employs carbide tipped cutting blades on its vertical auger to achieve it.

Assembled under licence in the UK, the existing 10 and 12cu m models – with 15, 18 and 20cu m versions to come – are equipped with weigh cells, braked axle and a front left/right discharge conveyor. Price of the 12cu m version starts at £14,500.

Kverneland has expanded its diet feeder range with the inclusion of the 14cu m KD414 model which is a combined paddle and auger unit. It is a combination which the manufacturer claims produces an even but not over mixed feed.

As with other Kverneland feeders the barrel is built from CorTen – copper impregnated steel – and use of a replaceable plastic liner is designed to prevent excessive wear as the paddle rotates. Programmable weigh cells, cable controls and road lighting are standard on the KD414 which retails from £18,200.

Shelbourne Reynolds 6, 8 and 10cu m Express range of diet feeders have received a number of improvements – changes which have, according to the company, have been induced by customer interaction.

The cable controlled valve block can now be sited on the tractors top link connection for easier operation and the feeders discharge conveyor is now wider with the belt now patterned to provide extra grip when requiring feed to be elevated over a barrier.

Within the tub the vertical auger has been modified to reduce power requirement and improve feed out, a new weigh system is now employed and, to ease the task of the operator needing hands free operation to cut bale strings, the rear steps now incorporate a platform.

Price of the 10cu m model is £17,530.

Updates for Shelbourne Reynolds Express range of diet feeders include an improved discharge conveyor system.

Designed in America, built under license in the UK, the NDE diet feeder makes it debut on the Terrington Machinery stand.

Kvernelands range of diet feeders now includes the paddle/auger KD414 model.

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