More quota on market as demand stays poor

By FWi staff

THIS week has seen a slight increase in the volume of clean quota on to the market, as demand remains poor.

“The market will continue to remain stable until production figures are released on 8 July,” said Mark Perry of ADAS Quota Direct.

“If these are down, it will release pressure on the market and we should start to see some movement.”

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Bruton Knowles

Leased quota will now start to stabilise in the short term adds Mr. Perry.

“This may again change when production figures are released.”

Leased 4% butterfat quota is trading at 3.5ppl with 3.84%at 3.0ppl.

Clean quota sales are trading at 16.5ppl for 4% butterfat and 3.88% supplies at 16.0ppl.

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