More self-propelleds have axle suspension

5 July 2002

More self-propelleds have axle suspension

IT USED to be just booms that benefited from suspension systems – but axle suspension is now a familiar sight on new self-propelled and trailed machines.

Manufacturers of high capacity self-propelled sprayers are adopting either pneumatic suspension based on gas-filled rubber shock absorbers, or hydraulic systems with rams to absorb vertical movements. There are also companies that favour a mechanical system, and they include Alanco which fits coil springs front and rear to its Sprayranger models.

A different approach to axle suspension has been introduced by Knight Farm Machinery on its new self-propelled sprayer.

A self-levelling hydraulic system is used over the front axle, but the rear suspension is pneumatic, with a pair of gas-filled rubber shock absorbers to cushion shock loads and give a smoother ride. The hydraulic system chosen for the front axle is said to give a more efficient ride control and comfort for the driver.

Delvano self-propelled sprayers have pneumatic suspension with nitrogen-filled rubber cushions all round, but the system also includes a two-piece front axle split into left and right halves. &#42

Alanco fit coil springs to the front and rear axles of its Sprayranger models.

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